All Three Modules

Get all 3 modules:
1 - Theory & Background
2 - Equipment
3 - Field Trip

  • 001 Intro
    5m 5s

    001 Intro

    5m 5s

    Introduction to the class and to the Theory Module

  • 002 Who Shoots

    3m 55s

    The first step is to decide who should shoot your listing photos.

  • 003 HDR - High Dynamic Range

    4m 47s

    An explanation of HDR - (High Dynamic Range) photography and what it means to your real estate listings.

  • 004 Composition: Lines

    3m 31s

    How the "lines" of your photo can make the room look bigger or smaller

  • 005 Composition: Camera Angles

    3m 38s

    How camera angles affect the appearance of your listing photos

  • 006 Composition: Balance

    2m 2s

    How to make a shot look visually balanced and why that's important

  • 008 The Importance of Good Equipment

    6m 45s

    How using the proper equipment leads to selling more homes and getting more clients.

  • 009 The Camera Lens

    6m 32s

    Why the camera lens is actually your most important piece of equipment

  • 010 Body
    7m 16s

    010 Body

    7m 16s

  • 012 Lighting

    2m 59s

  • 018 2nd Bedrooms

    2m 50s

  • 015 Interior First Floor

    9m 23s

    Shooting the kitchen and some other rooms on the first floor.

  • 014 Exterior


    The exterior of the home may be the most important shot of all. Here's what to do and what not to do.

  • 016 Dining Room

    3m 49s

    Shooting a dining room with lots of natural light coming in from windows.

  • 019 Bathrooms

    3m 23s

  • 017 Master Bedrooms

    2m 3s

    Shooting the master bedroom and exploring different vertical camera angles.

  • 007 Planning

    5m 26s

  • 011Tripods and Monopods

    8m 27s

    Tripods and monopods are an essential tool for the shoot. Here we explain why and look at some of the options aviailable.

  • 013 Cases
    5m 46s

    013 Cases

    5m 46s

    We look at some of the choices for bags and cases to keep your equipment safe and organized.

  • All Three Modules

    19 videos

    Get all 3 modules:
    1 - Theory & Background
    2 - Equipment
    3 - Field Trip

  • Module 3: Listing Field Trip

    6 videos

    In this module we go through an actual listing shoot and learn about the specific techniques to photograph both the interior and exterior of a real estate listing.
    Module 3 Segments Include:
    1 – Shooting The Exterior
    2 – Family Room and Kitchen
    3 – Dining Room
    4 – Master Bedroom
    5 – Second ...

  • Module 2: Equipment

    6 videos

    The segments in this module discuss all the necessary equipment for real estate photography, including cameras, lenses, lights, tripods, and carrying cases.
    Module 2 Segments Include:
    1 – Why You Need Good Equipment
    2 – The Lens
    3 – The Camera Body
    4 – Support System: Tripods and Monopods